DeWALT DHS780 Mitre Chop Saw 54V 305mm (110V lead) DHS780N11

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1,340.70 (1,090.00 excl. VAT)
SKU: DHS780N110V

Comes with:

  • 60 tooth Extreme Runtime blade
  • 110Volt lead

DHS780N 110volt Mitre Chopsaw

  • Mobility and freedom to use with batteries or mains adaptor either 240V or 110V- corded or cordless you decide
  • Precision adjustment of the angle of inclination
  • Cut depth settings ensure accuracy and precision when cutting and grooving
  • Extended cutting capacity up to 330mm x 58mm
  • Extreme exactness provided by XPS cut-line display
  • Quick and accurate mitre adjustments enabled by fixed ratchets for standard angles
  • Vertical, cross-cut and nested crown professional cutting applications
  • Dust-proof trombone cut-out for working on bigger pieces
  • Top quality bearing guide rollers
  • Safety when transporting thanks to locking system for the pull-out and saw head
  • XPS LED Light
  • Blade Speed: 3800 rpm
  • 305mm Blade Diameter
  • 30mm Blade Bore
  • Bevel Capacity: 49/49
  • Maximum cutting capacity:
    • (90/45): 211 x 112mm, 244 x 76mm
    • (90/90): 303 x 110mm, 345 x 76mm
    • (45/90): 268 x 63mm, 345 x 44mm
    •  (45/45): 212 x 76mm

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DeWALT DHS780 Mitre Chop Saw 54V 305mm (110V lead) DHS780N110V -Tool Equip

DeWALT DHS780 Mitre Chop Saw is 54volt. So, with a blade diameter of 305mm and comes with a 110volt lead (no batteries). Brushless motor and hybrid drive offer exceptional freedom as the most powerful mobile mitre saw available. Also, can be operated using a mains adaptor and powered by either 110V or 240V. Ideal chopsaw for most trades including kitchen fitters, builders, carpenters, roofers and joiners. Cordless and compact mitre saw is big on power with a massive cutting capacity of up to 303mm x 110mm. When using this saw with batteries it can achieve 244 cuts in 20mm x 70mm soft wood. While simultaneously keeping the work station clean with over 75% dust collection efficiency.

Tool Equip is a DeWALT stockist in Ireland and delivers nationwide. Register your power tools  directly with Dewalt to avail of their extended warranty. 

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