Rubi 10mm Diamond Drill Bits M14 Drygress

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Main features include:

  • Vacuum brazed technology form Rubi improves the diamond drill bits resistance to friction and temperature
  • Drilling depth of DRYGRES drill bits is 36 mm
  • DRYGRES 10mm bits (along with 6, 8, 12mm) have wax inside which melts during usage, enabling cooling and waste build up removal
  • Max.speed for DRYGRES diamond drill bits is 14000 rpm


Rubi 05990 10mm Diamond Drill Bits M14 DRYGRES

Rubi 05990 Diamond Drill Bits measure 10mm. M14 DRYGRES range from Rubi of vacuum brazed diamond drill bits are for dry cutting. Ideal for drilling through a variety of tiles including ceramic, porcelain and other materials like granite and marble.

So, bits with a diameter between 6-12mm are perfect for tiling work in bathrooms such as installing and mounting decorations on ceramic surfaces.

The average life of 6-12mm range is 25 holes. In addition, the 20-75mm diameter bits have a lifespan range of are approx. 60 holes.

Although, this is of course dependant on material type and thickness to be drilled as well as the correct cooling.

Rubi DRYGRES Diamond bits are for dry cutting, they have a M14 connection thread allowing them to be used with an adaptor directly with a grinder or non-percussive power drill.

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Rubi 10mm Diamond Drill Bits M14 Drygress