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Supplying top brands to tradesmen, factories and workshops

Aidan initially set up Tool-Equip Ltd in 1994, to specialise in customised tool-kits for factories, workshops and tradesmen, and we still do this today. Over the years our business has evolved to meet customer’s needs, and we became more of a “One Stop Shop” supplying many of customers needs in the top quality brands of power tools, hand tools and the consumables they use day to day to tradesmen, factories and workshops.

Many of our customers contact us to find specific brand names and models of tools, but we’ve noticed that most of our repeat customers are those who describe the job they’re doing and ask us to recommend tools and consumables to suit a specific job. Today, this seems to be Tool-Equip’s biggest advantage over our competition. This saves the buyers spending valuable time searching for items and trying to explain to unknown suppliers what they need, but also saves them money if they accidentally buy an unsuitable tool, which happens more than you might think.

Tool-Equip Team
“Don’t waste money, buy the Right Tool for the Right Job. We’ve over 80 years experience between us, and the advice is free!”
The Sales Team
Tool-Equip Team
“Don’t waste money, buy the Right Tool for the Right Job. We’ve over 80 years experience between us, and the advice is free!”
The Sales Team

Price & Brands

We supply a large range of tools and consumables, the majority being leading industrial brands such as DeWALT, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Stanley, Festool, Knipex, Irwin, Rubi, Ruko,Draper, Teng, Trend, Record, and Snickers Workwear. We also sell some of the lesser quality ones, so we can cater for all budgets, and we’re very competitive on quotations and tenders for budget, semi-industrial, and full industrial quality products. You can have a look at some of the more popular ones here.

What Our Customers Say

The Team at Tool-Equip

Aidan Mangan

Owner & CEO

I know I don’t look it ( I wish), but I’ve been working in the tool trade for over 30 years, and along the way, have picked up a lot of solutions along the way. Every day is still a school day, but when we ask our regular customers why they come back, they almost always say “They know their Tools”….no charge for the advice 🙂



Henry has worked with us in Tool-Equip for almost 20 years now and has a wealth of experience with what the popular items are in the shop, and knows what trades prefer which models.



Martin has over 17 years of experience working in Construction, Property Maintenance, Site Carpentry and Cabinet Making. Like Mark, he’s got recent knowledge of the problems faced on-site and solutions for them.



Mark has over 18 years of experience as a Cabinet Maker, as well as working in the Shopfitting and Carpentry trades. While he was doing this, he used many of the top branded tools we currently sell, such as Festool, Dewalt, Milwaukee etc and has a great knowledge of how to get that super clean finish or which models he found the most useful.

Tool Repair

Tool-Equip supply a full 12 months repair and spare parts warranty (in accordance with the manufacturer’s terms and conditions) for all the power, gas & air tools that we sell. Some manufacturers will extend this warranty if customers register directly online with them. We can also repair some brands of tools (mainly the ones we sell) outside of warranty. There is an estimate charge to get these tools looked at. It’s €30 including VAT for the majority of hand power tools and €50 for a few selected larger models, such as Chop-saws and Table-saws, and this is deducted from final repair price. If you don’t go ahead with the repair, this charge is non-refundable. Should the estimate work out uneconomical and the customer prefers to buy a new tool (of similar make/model), at the time of quote, we can then deduct this charge from the price of new tool.

Our repair charge estimates are provided by repair agents that are authorised by each manufacturer and with whom we have reached a pricing agreement. Tool-Equip can only provide this repair service for tools bought in Europe (not outside EU). Call us for more information 045-875 556

Sharpening Service

Sharpening your saw blades can be a lot more cost efficient than buying new ones. Average lead time on our sharpening service is between 7-10 days. Come in or get in touch with us today and allow our experts keep your blades in top razor sharp condition!

Account Customers

Established in 1994, Tool Equip has gradually evolved into a company that can supply both a wide range of industrial products, and provide advice to purchasing departments. We do offer limited 30day credit accounts to certain customers who intend doing a minimum volume of business on a regular basis. If interested in this, please Contact us . Our offices, shop and showrooms are in Naas, County Kildare where we service a wide variety of customers who call in personally to our trade counter. It’s also where we dispatch our phone, online, email & fax orders from.