DeWALT DCV586 Cordless Dust Extractor 18V 2x9amp DCV586MX2-GB

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914.76 (756.00 excl. VAT)

DCV586MX2GB Main features include:

  • Tuckpointing and Surfacing Applications when paired with an appropriate dust shroud
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning, with Dual Filters
  • HEPA Filter Included with Unit
  • T-Stak Compatibility Allows Unit to be Stacked and Combined with other DEWALT T-Stak Storage Systems
  • 2.5m Long Anti Static Hose with DEWALT® AIRLOCK system.
  • Built in hose wrap offers convenient hose storage when not in use
  • M CLASS Certification
  • Can be used with Wet or Dry applications


DeWALT DCV586 54/18volt Cordless Dust Extractor comes with 2 x 9amp batteries. DeWALT DCV586 is a T-STAK M-Class Dust Extractor, powered by a 54V XR Li-ion FlexVolt battery. DCV586M cordless dust extracting vacuum, is an efficient and portable way to achieve M-Class compliance on the jobsite.

DCV586 features Wireless Tool Control with remote, allowing the user to activate the extractor from the tool, at a distance. It also features an automatic filter cleaning mechanism and includes HEPA filters. DCV586MX2-GB is supplied with 2 x 9amp Li-ion XR FlexVolt batteries, fast charger, fleece bag and HEPA filters.