DeWALT DWS520KT-LX Circular Rail Plunge Saw Set 110V

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Main features include:

  • 48 tooth precision circular saw blade
  • Hex key
  • 2 X 1500mm Guide Rails
  • Joiner Bar
  • T-STAK Heavy duty carrying case

DWS520 165mm Heavy Duty Plunge Saw

  • Parallel plunge allows the user to maintain a smooth and constant hand position
  • 48 tooth blade gives a fine and accurate finish
  • Rail adjustment allows the saw to be adjusted accurately to the rail
  • Anti kickback function
  • Variable speed allows the correct speed to be set for different types of materials
  • Full wave electronics maintains a constant speed under heavy load
  • The enclosed guard gives a 90% dust extraction capability
  • 55mm depth of cut allows the trimming and sizing of most common door sizes
  • 1300 Watts
  • No Load Speed: 1750- 4000 rpm
  • Blade diameter 165mm
  • Blade bore 20mm
  • 165 x 20 x 48 teeth TCT Saw Blade
  • Bevel Capacity: 47 degree
  • Maximum Depth of Cut with guide rail 55mm at 90º and 40mm at 45º
  • Maximum Depth of Cut at 90º59 mm
  • Model No. DeWALT DWS520KT-LX


DeWALT DWS520KT-LX Circular Rail Plunge Saw Set 110V

DeWALT DWS520KT-LX Circular Rail Plunge Saw Set 110V Comes with 48 tooth precision circular saw blade, Hex key, 2 X 1500mm Guide Rails, Joiner bar in a T-STAK Heavy duty carrying case.

So, this is the cleanest and most accurate portable saw system to cut 8×4 sheets laminates worktops and general 2nd fix jobs. Also, special blades can also be purchases for aluminium, corian, veneers, grp and light mild steel use that are extra.

Also, Achieves fine and precise cuts with the 4s tooth saw blade. Features an antikickback safety feature, this stops the saw moving backwards along the rail and from climbing out of the work piece during plunges cutting. So,  Thanks to parallel plunge the user can keep a smooth and constant hand position when sawing.

Also, Variable speed lets the correct speed be set depending on the material. So, Consistent speed even under heavy load can be maintained because of full wave electronics. Also, With a 55mm depth of cut, ideal plunge saw for sizing and trimming most doors. Finally the DWS520 is directly compatible with the DeWALT AirLock system to connect with an extraction hose. Finally, the guard offers almost 90% dust extraction capability.

Tool Equip is a registered DeWALT stockist in Ireland and delivers nationwide. Register your power tools  directly with Dewalt to avail of their extended warranty. 


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DeWALT DWS520KT-LX Circular Rail Plunge Saw Set 110V

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