Festool 577710 18v Energy set 4x5amp batteries twin charger

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Main features include:

  • Charges two at the same time. The DUO rapid charger charges two battery packs at exactly the same time. This makes it suitable for all battery packs from voltage classes 10.8 V to 18 V. (with the exception of: BP-XS for CXS/TXS and MXC charger). The separate LED display at both charging slots shows the current charge status of each battery pack at any time
  • Safely stored. Stowed in Systainer³ products with sufficient space for a total of four battery packs and the DUO rapid charger
  • Mobile. Packed in a Systainer³. the Energy-Systainer can be integrated perfectly into the bott vehicle fixture for easy transport from the body shop to the building site
  • Systems get it done. The Systainer³ is compatible with and can be attached to all previous Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors and many more system accessories
  • Completely covered. Of course, the DUO rapid charger and all battery packs are also fully covered by Festool SERVICE
  • as an ideal addition to the Basic variants or as additional battery packs for the workshop or construction site


Festool 577710 18v Energy set 4x5amp batteries twin charger

Festool 577710 18v Energy set 4x5amp batteries twin charger.

The Festool Energy set is the ideal addition to the Festool Basic variants and also offers additional battery packs for the workshop and construction site. Available with different equipment according to the individual main applications and energy requirements.

Always with sufficient space for a total of four battery packs. – of which two can be charged at the same time using the TCL 6 DUO rapid charger. Particularly practical.  You no longer need to look for another socket for a second charger. making work easy and saving time on construction sites, in bodyshops and in vehicles.

Of course everything cleanly packaged in the Systainer³ and fully covered by Festool Service.

  • The perfect addition.  The 5.0 Ah battery packs are powerful all-rounders for all applications and compatible with almost all Festool battery products. Especially suitable for all applications and 18 V devices. with a focus on power and endurance. (For example, endurance work with the Festool CTC MINI/MIDI. KSC 60.AGC 18, HKC 55. TSC 55 cordless extractors, as well as for especially heavy drilling and screwdriving applications with TPC 18/TDC 18)
  • Dust extraction starts automatically. The Bluetooth® battery packs automatically start the connected mobile dust extractor when the tool is switched on
  • With smart extensions. The Festool WorkApp enables clever additional functions in combination with the Bluetooth® function of the battery pack. such as the detailed display of the charging status and further operating data such as temperature or charging cycles. To quickly and easily identify the battery with the lowest charge status. you can flash the LED indicator directly on the battery pack. Software updates are also possible: Install the newest version to work with the latest tool functions at all times

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Festool 577710 18v Energy set 4x5amp batteries twin charger