Record RPTWG200 Whet Bench Grinder Adjustable Torque 200mm

338.19 (274.95 excl. VAT)


Main features include:

  • WG250/K Diamond Truing Tool
  • WG250/C Straight Edge Jig
  • WG250/P Support Arm
  • WG250/R Stone Grader
  • WG250/S Metal Polish
  • WG250/T Angle Setting Gauge
  • WG250/U Angle Finder


Record RPTWG200 Whet Bench Grinder 200mm with Adjustable Torque – Tool Equip

Record RPTWG200 Bench Grinder with adjustable torque. Also, Whetstone Grinder from Record Power is compact and easy to use. So, the adjustable torque allows you to apply the correct pressure for the job in hand. Unlike some other machines that rely only on the weight of the motor.

Finally,left-hand nut thread means the grinding wheel is held securely in place and won’t unwind. So, over time as the stone wears the diameter is reduced. As a result the wheel’s rotation is increased and the WG200 lets you lower the speed to compensate. Stone Size: 200 x 40mm & Honing Wheel Size: 185 x 30mm.

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Record RPTWG200 Whet Bench Grinder Adjustable Torque 200mm

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