Rubi 05967 Tile Drill Bit 55mm Wet Diamond Holesaw

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Main features include:

  • Used with electric drill without hammer
  • Best for drilling ceramics, porcelain, granite, marble and glass
  • Body made of steel and bit made of electro deposited diamond
  • The side opening helps to cool the drill bit and get rid of waste produced during drilling
  • Drilling depth of Rubi EASYGRES drill bits is 25 mm
  • Recommended speed of use is between 400 and 1000RPM
  • Perfect for mounting and installing bathroom or kitchen accessories on ceramic tiled surfaces
  • Electroplated diamond drill bits for wet cutting
  • Use with a non-percussive power drill


Rubi 05967 Tile Drill Bit 55mm Wet Diamond Holesaw with drill shank

Rubi 05967 Tile Drill Bit 55mm  Wet Diamond Holesaw with drill shank. Tile Drill Bit EASYGRES range of electroplated diamond drill bits for wet cutting. Also, ideal for drilling variety of tiles including ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, stoneware and glass.

EASYGRES Drill bits with a diameter between 6-12mm are perfect for tiling work in bathrooms such as installing and mounting decorations on ceramic surfaces. Used as per EASYGRES guide and water-cooled for best finishes.

Average life of 6-12mm range is 10 holes and the 20-120mm diameter bits lifespan range is approx. 25 holes. Also, depends on material type and thickness, as well as the correct cooling.

Finally the 20-120mm range are perfect for plumbers, electricians and tilers for various jobs including water tapping, electrical connections and sewers.

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Rubi 05967 Tile Drill Bit 55mm Wet Diamond Holesaw