Rubi 76940 160mm Mortar Mixing paddle M14 thread male

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Main features include:

  • 30 – 60kg – Mixing Capacity
  • 160mm – Diameter head
  • 600mm – Max Height of Head
  • M14 Thread Fixing
  • Heavy Duty
  • For mixing of glue mortar, adhesive, levelling compound
  • To mix cement mortars.
  • M14 x 2 thread connection.
  • Adaptable directly RUBIMIX-9/9 PLUS and other brands.


Rubi 76940 160mm Mortar Mixing paddle M14 thread male

Rubi 76940 160mm Mortar Mixing paddle M14 thread male.

RUBI offers an extensive range of mixing paddles designed for blending cementitious mortars and various materials with high density or low fluidity.

These mortar mixer paddles are equipped with an M14 x 2 thread connection, making them compatible with all RUBIMIX electric mixers and most other brands on the market.

The unique design of these mixer paddles for cementitious mortars facilitates a bottom-up mixing motion. As the paddle rotates, the material ascends slowly along the inside of the paddle head and then descends along the outside.

This action ensures thorough mixing of highly viscous materials, including mortars, cements, and notably improved cementitious adhesives (C2 type) used for ceramic tiles. This design not only reduces the user’s effort but also enhances maneuverability.

So, the 3H rods are equipped with a 3-blade propeller head, significantly boosting mixing efficiency. Also, this configuration delivers a 15% increase in performance compared to the 2-blade propeller head.

Additionally, this design lowers the power consumption of the electric mixer during operation, extending the tool’s lifespan.

Furthermore, the 3-blade head generates fewer vibrations, providing users with greater comfort during mixing tasks.

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Rubi 76940 160mm Mortar Mixing paddle M14 thread male