WIHA 43465 31pce VDE Socket and Screwdriver Bits set

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SKU: 43465

Main features include:

  • Work bench stand function
  • Extensive insulated replacement bit system
  • Expandable and compatible with EVF products
  • Access to low-lying screws thanks to inserted insulation


WIHA 43465 31pce VDE Socket and Screwdriver Bits set

WIHA 43465 31pce VDE Socket and Screwdriver Bits set.

Many different screw profiles are required for work in different environments such as construction sites, solar power systems and switch cabinets.

This 32 piece set covers all standard screw profiles and is thus flexible in its use. Safely stored away tidily in a robust multifunctional bag, these electrician’s tools are eminently suitable for use when out and about.

The Wiha bag has won awards. It is made using a patented design and wins fans with just how multifunctional it is to use. When folded out, it acts as a work bench stand to remove tools easily.

The strap to hang the bag on the wall and the removable base create extra added value. The tool set optimises space owing to a comprehensive interchangeable bit system. Thanks to Wiha slimTechnology, the slimBit blades in the kit are up to 33% slimmer and can thus also easily reach low-lying screw and spring elements.

When these slim blades are used with the extra-short Stubby handle, screws can be effortlessly reached even in confined spaces. The PicoFinish® handle is eminently suitable for delicate and high-precision fastening tasks.

The large SoftFinish® long handle is used when greater force needs to be applied when fastening using larger slimBit profiles. Each tool in the set has undergone an individual piece test as per the international IEC 60900 standard, allowing users to work safely on live parts up to 1,000 V AC.

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WIHA 43465 31pce VDE Socket and Screwdriver Bits set