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Tool Equip Blog

Tool Equip Blog Author: Aidan Mangan.

Aidan initially set up Tool-Equip Ltd in 1994, to specialise in customised tool-kits for factories, workshops and tradesmen, and we still do this today.

Over the years our business has evolved to meet customers’ needs. We became more of a “One Stop Shop”.  Supplying many of customers’ needs in the top quality brands of power tools, hand tools, and consumables to tradesmen, factories, and workshops.

Many of our customers contact us to find specific brand names and models of tools. We’ve noticed that most of our repeat customers ask us to recommend tools and consumables to suit a specific job.

Today, this seems to be Tool-Equip’s most significant advantage over our competition. This saves the buyers spending valuable time searching for items and trying to explain to unknown suppliers what they need. It also saves them money if they accidentally buy an unsuitable tool, which happens more than you might think.